What is in your toolbag?

I recently read a blog post which convicted me with its title alone… ”Are you proud of your tools or your Results ?” I realize that I spend most of my time talking about, saving money for, upgrading, and looking at my “tools”, but when do I actually use them?  A few years ago I was introduced to an incredible Bible software program which was capable of far more than I would ever be able to learn.  At the time my spiritual walk was focused and progressive (as in moving forward).  I felt that with the Software program my studies would be amplified.  I began to plan and save for the program and eventually received my first copy, I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn if I wanted to make this tool ‘effective’.  Before I could get my head around my new purchase the New upgraded version came out making my version obsolete in a matter of months.  Now, in order to run the new upgrade I had to not only purchase the new version, I also had to upgrade my computer to meet the requirements.  The story doesn’t end here, but I have made my point.  I love my bible software program, however, when I began to focus more on the tool and less on the purpose my spiritual walk suffered.  The very thing that I set out to improve (my studies) became nearly insignificant as I sought to sharpen and ready my tools.  I lost sight of what the tool was for.
I am not saying that bible software is evil, in fact it can be a great supplement to ones studies.  No matter what the “tool” may be; a building, sound system, ministry program, etc.  The second we take our eyes off Jesus we begin to sink, this happened to Peter in the presence of Jesus.  Do not think that because you are in His presence you are out of the way of danger, instead we must steady our eyes on Him as the enemy pulls his hardest when we are this close.  Matthew tells us “Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. 30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink…”   Peter was walking to JESUS!  Do not forget the storm that was raging around Him, as he focused on Christ nothing stood in the way, but when he began to process the howling winds the Bible tells us he became afraid and as a result began to sink.  Jesus is able and willing to save even when we look away.  When we look to Christ He will do the impossible through us.
Do you have any “tools” that are in the way of your Relationship and effectiveness as a follower of Christ?  Please share any insights you have.   Our collective experience as Christ followers will unveil a multi-dimensional understanding of God’s character.