Today We Continue…

This week we will continue with last weeks thread from the book of James.  Steve left us with a great question, the type that requires more than a cursory glance and a response from the hip.  Take the time to consider this question:

“I have a question;.. how does one blend your own ‘story’ with that of a neighbor that we simply do not know? I will internize the question and re-phrase it,….how do I make the ‘unlovely’ neighbor’s story fit into my own? Take the homeless guys that live under an over-pass in a nearby city. I would have to re-write my story in order to find it including them more than it does now. How do we connect James 2:8 and Liviticus 19:2?…for surely they are indeed connected by a Holy and unchanging God.”

Read the book of James again, in what ways does this epistle apply to what is happening in your life?